‘Your wound is probably not your fault, But your healing is your responsibility!’


- Shraddha.


General Testimonials:


Chris Dalton

Mara is so kind and thoughtful, caring and compassionate. Her reiki sessions have been invaluable as have her general readings. My family and I will continue to work with her and know with her kind work, we all have the ability and opportunity to improve our health and lives as we deserve. Many thanks Mara, big hugs of gratitude and love, Chris, Gill and Jan.


Tessa Tehupuring

Mara's courses and workshops are THE best. Very clear and to the point and life lessons are taken away from each one of them. Straight, honest and a no nonsense approach! I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants a life change.


Sandhir Maharaj

Definitely connected to Spirit. I often go to many different healers, Mara is certainly among the best I've been to. Highly recommend even other practitioners meeting with Mara. Wishing her the Best on this Awesome life path


Jason Le Grange

An amazing human being that looks at ways to help and heal you through challenging times. Highly recommended.


Chantal Whiteford

Mara is an amazing,compassionate human being with a sparkly personality and quick sense of humor. My reading with her was so true and empowered me to change the way I view and react to things out of my control. She was a true blessing at my lowest point, and continues to be. Reiki with Mara is incredible. Ever open-minded but wanting to see results myself I am left in no doubt if it’s benefits. A new lease on life, so much so I plan regular sessions and have recommended Mara to others who are just as impressed. Thank you Mara, your gift is a true blessing. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Caitlin Morris

Mara is absolutely amazing at what she does and would highly recommend her!


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